The following guidelines are taken into account in the planning of our activities:

  • Development of practices that prevent pollution by reducing waste and ensuring an adequate final destination for the waste generated, favouring recycling and seeing landfills as the last option;
  • Use of products and services that are not environmentally aggressive, whenever possible;
  • Improvement of the use of consumables, energy and water;
  • Encouragement of good environmental practices among our producers, suppliers, clients and other stakeholders;
  • Raising awareness and training our employees so that they are aware of their individual and collective responsibilities in defending the environment and quality of life.

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

Based on the commitments set out in its Policy, the Luis Vicente Group seeks to continuously to improve work conditions by preventing injuries, wounds and other damages to the health of its employees and other third parties who may be affected by its activities.

We should also highlight the strong investment in the areas of information, training, communication, participation and consultation of employees.

The established OSH system seeks to identify hazards, assess risks at each location/workplace and establish control measures to eliminate or minimize such hazards by taking the corrective or preventive measures appropriate to each situation.

The goals of our occupational safety and health system are:

  • Prevention of occupational accidents and diseases;
  • Protection of the employees’ health;
  • Development of physical, mental and social well-being;
  • Creation of conditions that guarantee the highest quality of life at work.