Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

The Luis Vicente, SA Group undertakes to comply with fair working conditions, such as working hours, salaries, child labour, health and safety, fair treatment, disciplinary and collective negotiation processes.

At the time of reception, the following aspects of fair and non-discriminatory treatment that we promote among our collaborators should also be addressed:

  • Treat all people fairly, regardless of factors such as race, religion, sex, age, health status or national origin;
  • Avoid offending others, their property, reputation or employment by false or malicious actions;
  • Seek, accept and provide honest criticism, recognizing and correcting mistakes;
  • Support other employees of the Luis Vicente Group, working as a team

The Luis Vicente Group’s units contribute with their products to local, regional or even national associations in any region where they are based.

An example of support to the local community is the excellent work that Nuviagro has been performing in Angola, namely supporting local populations in various ways. It has built a school and two health centres in the surrounding villages, ensuring also the regular supply of water to populations of the area. It has also contributed throughout time to the integration of young people into the labour market by regular training programs throughout the year so that they can grow professionally.