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Royal Gala Apple

Royal Gala Apple

The Apples of the “Gala” group are red or bicolored, semi striated, round fruits of medium size. The colour of the pulp is white, with a crispy and juicy consistency, sweet taste and great gustatory quality. Apples are excellent for preventing and maintaining the cholesterol level at acceptable levels by eating only one apple each day. This effect is due to the high pectin content found in the skin. It also has a pronounced effect on weight loss as pectin makes it difficult to absorb fats, glucose and eliminates cholesterol.

In addition to being very tasty to eat, fresh Royal Gala Apples are ideal for pies or as a crispy and fresh ingredient for salads.

How to Choose/Preserve: Choose hard, even apples and avoid excessively ripe fruits. To keep them fresh and with the same nutritional value, we suggest you keep them not washed in the fridge.

Main Nutrients

Fibre, Calcium, Iron, Carbohydrates and Vitamin C.

Nutrition Declaration

269 / 64 (Kj / Kcal)
of which saturates
of which sugars

NRV – Nutrient Reference Value

Box Kgs Packaging Caliber
Box 18 Layer 80 to 198 fruits
Box 50x30 3,5 to 7 Layer 60/65 to 80/85
Box 50x30 8 Bulk 60/65 to 80/85
Box 60x40 7 and 12 Layer 65/70 to 80/85
Box 60x40 13 Bulk 60/65 and 70/75
Box 60x40 12 to 16 Bag 50/55 and 65/70
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