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About us

The Luis Vicente Group was born in the 60’s, in the West area of Portugal. Starting from the passion for fruit of the Vicente family. Currently, we are a recognized group in the fruit and vegetables sector, based in Torres Vedras, which continues to join generations of a family dedicated to the growing success of its various business areas.

The expansion to other countries, both in terms of production and distribution, has engendered the need to create local roots. The Luis Vicente Group is born from the junction and integration of all these companies and cultures.

We have three main areas of activity at the Luis Vicente Group: production, distribution and the industrial sector.

  • Production represents the origin of our Group, which began with Rocha Pear in the West, in a small town of the Municipality of Torres Vedras. The production of Rocha Pear has been growing over the years and we have been expanding to other varieties of fruit and vegetables by increasing the production area, creating a producer’s organization, along with the continuous search for new partners inside and outside Portugal. Know more here.
  • Distribution was a natural evolution of production due to the need to deliver both self-production and that of partners, to the national and international market. It currently represents the largest share of the Group’s turnover. In addition to Portugal (continental and islands), it already includes distribution platforms in Spain, the Netherlands, Angola, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Morocco in a near future, with expansion projects for more countries. Know more here.
  • The industrial sector is the newest activity of our Group, embracing innovation projects related to fruits and vegetables. We have joined the fruit expert knowledge we have acquired over the decades to innovation and technology as a means to achieve a healthier and more convenient diet. With Nuvi Fruits we are a pioneer company in Portugal on the offer of healthy and convenient food options, proving once again the innovative and enterprising approach that characterizes our Group. Know more here.

The Luis Vicente Group is part of the Nuvi Group, a strong business group with more than 5,000 employees, 8 business units, present in more than 15 countries and with 30 brands in its portfolio

Know more in nuvigroup.com.



Our Policy

Our policy reflects precisely the shareholder and management thinking and defines the guidelines to be followed by all the people who collaborate in or with the various companies in their several establishments.

Our commitment is to produce, transform, store and market fruits and other food products within a framework of a balanced and sustainable development by:

  • Supplying products that fully meet the requirements and needs of our clients and consumers due to their intrinsic quality, presentation, safety and legality, deadline and price.
  • Identifying and minimizing risks resulting from work in order to protect the safety and health of all our employees and promoting their well-being, motivation and participation;
  • Developing practices that characterize and improve our environmental performance;
  • Developing a strong partnership for sharing innovation and knowledge with our national and international producers as well as with our suppliers and service providers;
  • Creating value for the shareholders and for the communities we are part of.