Feeling the need to be close to both the origin of the products and the main international markets, the Luis Vicente Group is now present in 8 countries in Europe (Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands and Germany), America (Costa Rica and Brazil) and Africa (Morocco and Angola). It is through its international operations that the group gains robustness and expertise in a sector as competitive as the fruit and vegetable sector and allows the Group to provide all its clients and consumers with fresh and tasty fruit that complies with the best international quality standards at extraordinarily competitive prices.

Thanks to the intensification of solid commercial relations with internal and external partners, the Luis Vicente Group has considerably increased its capacity and volume of exported products.

Being Rocha Pear one of the main fruits exported, we also highlight the Plum, Apple, Kiwi and Peach, conquering the most demanding customers around the world.

Its expansion into international markets covers the four corners of the World:

Export to Europe

  • Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, England, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Malta, Luxembourg, Russia, Norway and Switzerland.

Export to America

  • Canada, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil and Panamá.

Export to Africa

  • Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Morocco, Mozambique and Ghana.

Export to Asia

  • United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh and India.