Islands (Azores and Madeira)

Islands (Azores and Madeira)


Luis Vicente, S.A. began its activity in the Terceira Island in 1985, which gives it extensive experience both in the transportation and consolidation of perishable products such as fruit and vegetables, as well as in a market as private and demanding as that of the Terceira Island.

Currently, it sells more than 3 million kilograms distributed by more than 120 products and manages a portfolio with more than 130 clients, which allows it to have an exceptional knowledge of the island’s economic agents.

The market demands, the new challenges that arise with the growth of tourism, the investment on local production, the provision of logistics services and the will to do better made Luis Vicente, SA strengthen its position on Terceira Island through the construction of a new fruit centre.


Since the beginning of 2018, Luis Vicente, S.A. has new operation in Funchal. Resulting from our experience in cargo containerization, namely for the Azores and Cape Verde, we have taken on the challenge of starting the operation in Madeira.

It is an operation mainly focused on customers of Retail Distribution, with a broad Kardex and allowing us to meet the main needs of our customers in the category of fruits and vegetables.